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Lime Rendering ~ the need to “breathe” by Paul Watts
Article ImageBefore the twentieth century building techniques and materials were very different from those employed today. Traditional properties need to “breathe” to allow moisture inherent in a solid wall construction to evaporate from the external stonework or render. Lime Putty was the base product widely used to produce mortar, plaster and limewash for traditional buildings. Lime putty mortars offer advantages over cement based mortars for the external rendering of these properties, especially when decorated with a breathable paint such as limewash.

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Categories: Building Conservation,  Restoration,  Lime,  Lime Mortars Render,  Limewash,  Plasterwork
What was the window tax? by Ellen Leslie BA (Hons) Dip. Cons. (AA)
Article ImageIt is widely thought that the phrase “daylight robbery” originates from opposition to this levy (it was certainly viewed to be a tax on “light and air”). Unfortunately there is no evidence to support this assumption.

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Categories: History,  House Historian
Soundproofing in Older Buildings by Iain Mair
Article ImageKeeping noise down to an acceptable level in older buildings can be very difficult. Usually, this is due to the fact that the property, be it a family house or converted property, was never constructed to cope with 21st century noise levels!

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Categories: Noise Control,  Acoustics
Assessment and Treatment Options for Regent Street Disease by Bill Keane, Clarkebond
Article ImageMost people would agree that prevention is better than cure, but in some instances prevention is impossible, leaving the cure as the only option. This is the situation with so-called Regent Street disease (RSD).

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Categories: Restoration,  Listed Buildings,  Case Studies,  Metals
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