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Living in History
Out now

 Living in History

English homes through time captured with a
Gentle Twist to Perspective
Featuring hand drawn portraits by Eli Ofir
Historical research: Rosalind Chislett & Jane Davidson
The ideal gift for those who love old & renovated English houses

The book is a unique and breathtaking study of the evolution of English house styles from Medieval and Tudor times up to the 1930’s. It reveals the architectural diversity of each period through the eyes and beautiful hand drawn portraits of Artist Eli Ofir.

Each detailed portrait is accompanied by in-depth historical research from House Historians Jane Davidson and Rosalind Chislett, as well as stories and memories from the people actually living in the houses today.

The result is a visually and academically stunning presentation of the evolution of English homes from an historical perspective, a personal perspective, and with a Gentle Twist to Perspective unique to Ofir’s art.
From the artist’s introduction to the book:
“…I become very emotional when I draw beautiful old houses. They are living history scattered everywhere across the English countryside…
When I’m drawing a house, the fine detail of my pen work takes me on a magical journey where the history of each property is revealed with every brick and stone I immortalise.
The uneven lines of the roof, walls and beams deepen this mystery. That’s why I slightly enhance these elements to bring out the warmth and personality of the houses….
I love to meet owners and hear their stories about their house and its history... This gives me a good feel for their home and, most importantly, the way they feel about it...“

From the historian’s introduction to the book:
‘…This book contains portraits of different types of buildings; not only houses but also pubs, colleges and converted agricultural buildings. They date from diverse periods in history and feature varied construction materials, for example timber-framing with flint, handmade bricks and later mass produced materials. Inevitably the number of alterations to the original construction increase with the age of a house.
This book is a celebration of houses cherished by owners who realise they’ll only be passed on to future generations through careful maintenance. Each chapter shows .examples of a particular time in English history…
…We’re so lucky that it’s still possible to walk down many English streets and identify a wide spectrum of buildings dating from medieval times; buildings that still play a part in today’s world…’

Also available, the Living in History Poster
English house evolution in a glance.
Available in A3 and A2 size.
Living in History is a high-quality, hardcover Coffee-Table-Album

Size: A4 in landscape, No. of pages: 124, Retail price on Amazon: £39.99

Special ProjectBook member’s discount price: £36

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