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ProjectBook - Our Call to Action   
Projectbook feel passionately that homeowners need to be educated about their unique buildings and given a resource which makes it easy for them to search for vetted, knowledgeable and traditional building conservation experts to look after them.

“I joined because my business is very niche and I needed to be with people who understand that rather than lumped in under a general heading that may be meaningless.” Steve Sinnott of Heritage Tiling and Restoration

We regularly publish articles in the media and work alongside other national institutions like SPAB, the National Trust and English Heritage to educate period property owners to the importance of maintaining their properties properly. Our goal is to reverse the damaging trend that “70% of heritage building and building or repair work is undertaken by unskilled practitioners”.

“In the short time we have been members of ProjectBook it has raised the profile of our company and generated a large amount of enquiries for our services. It has also enabled us to network with other heritage professionals.” Milestone Lime Plastering

The risk is irreversible damage to heritage properties. We also work to identify and support the real heritage sector professionals that are doing a great job.

Over the many years that I have been in business, I have subscribed to many professional trade bodies and business directories. All of these have fallen widely short of my requirements or my expectations for the promotion and support of my business.” John Armistead of John Armistead Restorations

ProjectBook Solution 
Uniquely, our membership embraces experts from right across the field of conservation; from archaeologists to sole traders skilled in stonemasonry to consultant practices to larger building contractors managing multi million pound contracts. Our members conserve some of the UK’s national treasures.
Owned and run by Heritage professionals, there is no better organisation to promote businesses in the Heritage sector than Projectbook." Michael Costello of Atkey and Co
Membership is also open to suppliers of products deemed appropriate for use on traditional buildings.
Maintenance and Quality of Work   
Individuals and bodies up and down the country, from owners of small cottages to stately homes to cathedrals, regularly use ProjectBook in order to find skilled and reputable heritage specialists. We are recommended by Conservation Officers throughout the UK and our members attract work from a variety of established national institutions including the National Trust and English Heritage.
"ProjectBook continues to go from strength to strength and by all accounts is fast becoming the premier resource for heritage sector companies and clients, due in no small part to the fervour and passion with which it is promoted and run." "As one of the more specialist companies operating in the heritage sector, we have found ProjectBook to be an invaluable part of our marketing portfolio." "It is good to have found a place where heritage professionals can interact with each other and share information on best practice and technical developments." "The feedback on our articles has been superb. They have gone a long way to helping demonstrate the sort of work we do to the sort of clients we want." Geoff Moore, Recclesia Ltd
Supporting ProjectBook Registered Businesses   
"Within a few short months ProjectBook has managed to create a thriving community of conservation professionals. I am delighted to be included amongst them." Patrick Baty of Papers & Paints

Value for Property Owners  
“ProjectBook is a great resource for owners of period buildings; not only does it list the experts you need but also commissions articles so that they can share their experience. ProjectBook will give you direct access to the many specialists in the UK that can help you look after and really appreciate your historic property.” Emma Bentley BA PIFA
Project book is a great way of finding all the experts you could need from one source and an ideal way for specialist companies such as ourselves to promote their services. The user friendly interface and easy searchability make it suitable for all users.” Tony Rogers BSc FInstCES of APR Services Ltd.
The return for ProjectBook Members 
"Their passion and enthusiasm for promotion of their members is faultless." Jo Prado of the VAT Consultancy
"ProjectBook is an excellent marketing tool that is effective, relevant and above all it works! ProjectBook is highly professional in its presentation and function, as well as being very affordable and user friendly." John Armistead of John Armistead Restorations
"A fresh new approach to creating an on-line community of like minded professionals. With the mobile technology available ProjectBook has added an important service to our marketing, professional and business social media involvement." Edwin Hayes of Stephens Cox Associates
Improving Professional Standards 
"ProjectBook has given us the opportunity to get to know other members in our sector." Karen Wallis Smith of Fritz Fryer Antique Lighting
Since joining ProjectBook we have found them to be very good referrers of our town planning and legal services which helps to raise our profile, particularly through online media." Huw James of DMH Stallard LLP
"We are delighted to be members of ProjectBook and an approved consultant for their members. Our involvement with them has certainly helped us raise our profile within the industry." Jo Prado

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