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Here you’ll find our official press releases and a record of each time ProjectBook is featured in the press. Since March 2010, ProjectBook business members have their articles published each week in Country Life. Click on the link to view the articles.

ProjectBook in the Press

NHIG Update
15.02.11 - Artist Blacksmith 

Heritage Blacksmiths Bursary: The training plan for this heritage lottery find skills for the future projects has been approved (this was the big hurdle) and we are now recruiting students and workshops. More 

Restoring historic listed buildings
12.06.11 - Telegraph Online
Restoring historic buildings and sites is costly. Mr Mott, who has 24 years experience in the heritage sector, says some insider tips could help restoration projects... More

Stairways to Heaven 
14.01.11 - The Daily Mail 

When Audrey Hepburn waltzed up the stairs in a dazzling ballgown during My Fair Lady, it wasn't only her beauty that stole the show. What a staircase. More 

The sorcerer apprentices
11.02.11 - Financial Times

When David Gladstone needed to remove the badly cracked stone finials from the roof of his early Georgian home, Wotton House in Buckinghamshire, he invited... More


Preaching to the Converted 
02.12.10 - The Telegraph 

For some, Christmas means the annual visit to church. For others, it is every week. But for a few, it is church every day and...  More 
Pre winter preparation will pay off

30.10.10 - The Times

With the clocks going back one hour tomorrow, one of your priorities should be to prepare your home for winter...  More 



Taking the hassle out of Heritage Homes
22.10.10 - City A.M.

To those with the cash (or the ability to fantasize), the character and history of listed property wins out over the hassle...  More 
Being eco-friendly can make you richer

15.10.2010 - City A.M.
You may think that making your home eco-friendly is the kind of bore only liberal do-gooders relish. Think again. Jumping on the green bandwagon can...  More 



Keeping up appearances

01.10.10 – Metro
Efforts to save London’s heritage buildings are being celebrated this week mark the 20th anniversary of English Heritage’s first register of all listed buildings in the capital...  More 
Challenges of castle ownership

24.09.10 – Wall Street Journal

The idea of welcoming guests across a drawbridge may be romantic, but if your home is a European Castle, the...  More 



Shutter Proof
30.06.10 - Country Life Magazine

Although they’re often considered a Mediterranean or an American import, shutters are an integral part of Britain’s architectural heritage... More 

It’s time to call in the experts
09.06.10 – Metro
Taking on an unloved dilapidated building and restoring it to its former glory is a massive commitment in terms of time...  More 



Tackling Unlawful conversions
02.06.10 – Country Life

Many of the properties launched in Country Life are amongst the estimated 680,000 listed buildings in the UK. The system was introduced after...  More 
Techniques and tutoring
04.02.10 – Financial Times
Allison Taylor used to ask her husband for expensive gifts for special occasions, these days she says her wish-list is made up of tools...  More 



The homebuyers’ checklist
12.03.10 – The Times
Wonky cupboards, a crack in the floor and damp spots on the ceiling. These are among the sights that greeted Petra Disterer, a research scientist...  More 
What not to do to a period home
10.03.10 – The Times
Here are ten things that experts say you should never do to a period property...  More 



Are you on the list?
14.02.10 – Sunday Times
What is the pinnacle of your property ambition? Maybe its a cottage so cute, it belongs on a fudge box, or a honey coloured Cotswolds gem that wouldn’t be out of place...  More 


ProjectBook articles on Country Life

Each week, ProjectBook Business members have the opportunity to publish their articles on Country Life online.

The website attracts 300,000 unique readers each month and has proved successful in raising the profile of our expert members and provides the opportunity to educate and inform property owners about the issues surrounding traditional home ownership.
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