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Finding the right products is crucial to the success of any project. Any work carried out on an old building requires specialist suppliers, tools and materials.

Fully Screened Members

Only businesses that are able to demonstrate that the products, materials and services are genuine and appropriate for use on or in period and listed buildings are accepted as members. Membership criteria and checks also include:

  • Your company status with Companies House (if applicable).
  • Your VAT status with HMRC (if applicable).
  • That you have been established for at least two years.
  • That you have a minimum of £1 million public liability insurance
  • That you have signed our terms & conditions. 

All ProjectBook Product Directory members must meet the above.

All members have this identification logo displayed on their entries.

Screened Entries

The Products Directory also contains screened entries. These are businesses that have been given the opportunity to try our system and are expected to apply for fully screened membership or they will be removed from the Directory. To maintain the integrity of The Product’s Directory, our screening process verifies that these businesses fulfill at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Their products are appropriate for use on or in Period & Listed buildings
  • They have a proven track record in the field of conservation/restoration
  • They are members of a recognised organisation
  • They have been highly commended by one of our members
  • They have been established for at least two years.
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