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Submitting Articles to ProjectBook

ProjectBook articles are FREE to publish on our site. We welcome articles which will help homeowners and/or professionals gain a better understanding of the many products, services, techniques, professional skills and issues which relate to period and listed buildings.

Businesses and Organisations

We invite submissions from ProjectBook members with entries in the Heritage Register or Products Directory, as well as organisations, charities and special interest groups involved with old buildings.

If you are a business owner, sharing your knowledge in the form of an article is an excellent opportunity to help educate others and gain free exposure for you and your business. All articles display details about the author, business and include a link to your ProjectBook entry.

To see a complete list of article topics, please scroll to the bottom of this page to view.

Article Submission

Articles for consideration should be emailed to as a Word document. If you would like to include a picture(s), please attach separate .jpeg or .tif files. Your article may need to be edited for clarity and layout, and all editorial decisions are final.

Information to Include

Author:             Your name and some text about you and your business/organisation – approx 30 words

Name:               Your business name, organisation etc.

Email:                Your contact email address (office use only)

Tel:                   Your contact telephone number (office use only)

Title:                 The article title

Reader:             Indicate who the article is aimed at: homeowner/professional/both

Overview:          A brief introduction/overview of what the article is about in approx 30 words or less. This is used in the search result summary.

Article:              Please try to keep your article brief and to the point, a maximum word limit of 800 words is encouraged. The article should focus on educating the reader about the given subject and please avoid reference to your own business in the main text.

Other Info:        Include here any other helpful, related books or publications.

Some Writing Tips......

  • spelling and grammar should have been checked thoroughly before submission
  • the best articles are those that take a novel or unique perspective on a relevant subject/issue and explore it in depth.
  • humour is always appreciated
  • avoid using long sentences; if you read it out loud and it's taking too long to read, cut it into shorter sentences
  • if you make reference to a fact, statistic or statement, you should always quote the source of the information
  • avoid stating the obvious in an introductory paragraph; make your opening sentence punchy and direct
  • peer review can be helpful. Before submission, ask a friend to read over your article and make constructive criticisms. This can be particularly helpful if English is not your first language, so that it is clear what you are trying to say.
  • in addition to traditional articles, we will also accept other submissions such as photos, cartoons, humorous boxouts, top tips.
  • originality is important. What can you contribute that provides a truly unique perspective? We are most keen to receive articles that detail how you overcame those obstacles so that other people can benefit from your experience.


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