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The Victorian Society
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The Victorian Society,1 Priory Gardens, LONDON, W4 1TT

Tel:       020 8994 1019

Fax:      020 8747 5899

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Victorian and Edwardian buildings are irreplaceable, cherished, diverse, beautiful, familiar and part of our everyday life. The Victorian Society is the champion for Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales.

Our aims are:

*       CONSERVING: to save Victorian and Edwardian buildings or groups of buildings of special architectural merit from needless destruction or disfigurement.

*       INVOLVING: to awaken public interest in, and appreciation of, the best of Victorian and Edwardian arts, architecture, crafts and design;

*       EDUCATING: to encourage the study of these and of related social history and to provide advice to owners and public authorities in regard to the preservation and repair of Victorian and Edwardian buildings and the uses to which they can, if necessary, be adapted
The aims are linked, and through involving and educating the public, we can increase the likelihood of conserving buildings.

Bookshop / Publications / Articles

A range of books and illustrated booklets for owners of Victorian and Edwardian houses. The website also has a range of free guidance notes and advice for homeowners
The Victorian Society put on a variety of lectures, visits and events throughout the year
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